Monday, August 29, 2011

Project365: Day 225 - Geocaching on the High Trestle Trail

My brother (Dan) and his fiancée (Roxanne) came down to Des Moines for a weekend visit. On Saturday, I took them to ride 27 miles on the High Trestle Trail from Slater to Woodward and back. Along the way we stopped to find some geocaches, and for a few of them we had to do a little climbing.

Geocaching on the High Trestle Trail

We tried for a multi-cache that eventually brought us down the hill underneath the impressive bridge, but it appears that the cache was likely washed away in the flooding earlier this year. The view of the bridge from down below is pretty amazing though.

High Trestle from Below

Hike Up the Hill

On our way back towards Slater, we stopped for lunch at the Flat Tire Bar right along the bike trail at Madrid, Iowa--perfect location! The patio and bar were full of cyclists stopping in for a break on a perfect day to be riding.

The Flat Tire

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