Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project365: Day 60 - Lens Repair Triptych

Day 60 - Lens Repair Triptych, originally uploaded by Tim Bungert.
Almost two weeks ago, while heading out to take my Day 48 photo, I opened my car door and my camera bag rolled out. It fell a little less than two feet, so I assumed the bag had protected everything since the fall wasn't very big.

I was wrong.

My 18-105mm lens (the one that I bought with my D90 and the lens I use most frequently) was attached to the body when I last put my stuff back in the bag. When I opened the bag a few hours later the lens was dangling from the camera body like a partially-severed limb.

Two of the three plastic tabs on the bayonet mount had simply snapped (Dear Nikon: DESIGN FLAW). This made the lens pretty much useless, as it wouldn't even stay attached to the camera unless I held it in place while shooting. I called my friendly local camera store to get a repair cost estimate and they wanted my first born child. Or $180.

That seemed too steep for my budget, so I called up the Nikon Parts Department. One short conversation and $16 later, a new (still plastic) lens mount was on its way to me.

The repair itself was actually pretty easy...except for the part where I dropped the World's Smallest Screw and watched it roll off the table and bounce somewhere on the floor. There are no extra parts when putting tiny stuff back together, so I crawled on the floor with a flashlight looking for that stupid screw. AND I FOUND IT.

So now the lens is fully operational again, and thus ends my DIY lens repair adventure.

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