Friday, March 25, 2011

Project365: Day 83 - Gears and Spokes

Day 83 - Gears and Spokes, originally uploaded by Tim Bungert.

It was 37 degrees yesterday, but my bike had been feeling neglected. I had invested in some cold weather riding clothes a few weeks ago and decided it was time to use them.

I had intended on riding 8 to 10 miles and getting home before sunset. Apparently the gauge on my personal energy tank is faulty. I had ridden about 8 miles from home already and was feeling great. So I kept going. Rather than turning around and heading back the way I had come, I decided to loop north and take a different trail home. I got on that trail and, after less than a mile, hit my wall. I went from full-speed-lets-go-this-feels-great to you-dummy-why-didn't-you-turn-back-five-miles-ago-like-you-planned. I got off on the side of the trail to rest and take my photo of the day. Still over 8 miles from home.

Sunset? 7:30pm. The time at my stop? 7:20pm. Clearly, I did not get home by sunset. Thanks goodness for bike lights! My plan to ride 8 to 10 miles turned into 18.5 miles and a ride back home in the dark. My legs were probably not ready for that this early in the biking season.

I'm still glad I went riding last night instead of holding out for warmer weather--it's snowing here (again) as I write this.

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